My Why…

Maybe you’ve found me because you are ready to book, maybe you are still thinking about it, or you want to have this experience for yourself, maybe you want some amazing photos for your partner. I am here to tell you. Whatever your reasoning may be, getting in front of my camera and peeling away your layers - It’s a feeling of freedom unlike any other and gives you a confidence boost that will last a while. Getting vulnerable and just getting out of your own head - It’s healing in a way - it empowers YOU - it frees you of self doubt. During and after our session you will feel like a queen and oh so good about yourself - it’s not about how you look in that moment - it’s about how you “feel” in that moment. Embrace your inner goddess, feel like a badass and end up with amazing photos of yourself ? Why the heck not ?!

Are you ready to feel amazing ? Let’s make some Art together! Shoot me an email !