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This is for you, aspiring photographer.


I decided to let my first blog post ever, be something practical.  


It was in Hawaii, when I made the decision to start learning all there could be about photography.

The whole technical side of it ( camera, settings, shooting manual and such ) was so complicated to me that it literally drove me nuts! For those who know me... technical... not my thing... until photography! :) I  pulled through it and learned everything from scratch myself. I was addicted to it. There is so much to learn about photography.  I still learn something new almost every day and this is what keeps my heart going for it. 

 I was lucky enough to have an awesome neighbor and friend who introduced me to another photographer that was looking for an assistant.  From her I learned a part of how this photography business works and I learned how to find and utilize light... ( holding her reflector and hauling gear and..... listening closely )

So if you want to learn photography I highly suggest finding a mentor and shadow him or her for a while.  I also highly suggest to find groups on facebook or local photography groups to find people to connect with . I had luck again with finding my group of girls from the beginning. HMSP . I am forever grateful. This is a group of awesome connected ladies in Hawaii  that are nothing but supportive to each other. 

Because of them, I learned so much I would not have learned in such a short time.  

Find workshops online and from local photography groups. It is some investment but well worth spend.

If you have no clue about editing, find someone that can mentor you in an editing program such as photoshop or lightroom.  Go take workshops again :) keep going.... keep will find your groove and find your own style not only in editing but also in shooting . Your  "style" is you, it defines you.... look within yourself :)  

Your style will evolve just like you do, it will never stay the same ....... yes thats right :)

The business side of photography is a whole different topic , but let me tell you , the photography business consists out of so much... if you have studied business or marketing you are one lucky photographer!  

Most importantly, when you are first starting out follow your passion and sparkle on :) 


XoXo Jasmin