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Part two. Studio glamour.  Empowerment. 


The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself. ~Elizabeth Metcalf

Do you want portraits of yourself, but not right now ?  You want to loose 10 pounds before and get in shape to look "perfect".  Soon.........tomorrow. 

And then tomorrow comes along and you are in the same position again. You think, I will loose weight, I will get there, I will look "better". Then I'll have some nice pictures taken.  I am guilty of this. All of this. I hated pictures of myself.  On pictures I tore everything apart about me that I could find.   It went so far that every time someone tried to take a picture I was hiding because I thought I was not pretty enough, not perfect enough.  

But guess what. Then I found Glamour Photography.

And everything changed.  

I am who I am.  I HAVE to accept myself. We all get older.  We do get wrinkles, our face changes.  Our bodies change. 

Life is not the perfect picture we see in a magazine.  

Find a glamour photographer. One that specializes in the beauty of woman, one that knows how to pose a woman in the most flattering way, one that sees and knows beauty and that brings your beauty to shine.  But one that still leaves you looking like YOU.

Because you are beautiful.

Those pictures of yourself will empower you. They will make you feel beautiful and good about yourself.

If you feel good about yourself you are empowered, with happiness and strength.

The experience of this glamour photo shoot.  It might give you just what you needed to push ahead and look forward.  It will make you find your beauty and reconnect with yourself.