Cortney's photographic experience with Sugar & Lace Studio | Sierra Vista boudoir photographer | Arizona |

Inspire, motivate, and grow. Three things that I strive to pursue in my everyday life and throughout my modeling career. When I first started modeling (freelance), I was confident. I looked at models that were a smaller size than me and thought I can look just like that. I did, through Photoshop. I had a misguided view of what I really looked like.

It wasn't until I decided to get with an agency. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of the LModelz agency.  I spoke with Leslie of what was expected of me and my journey. To my surprise, she told me I needed to get a little 'curvier.' What?!? I was shocked because I had worked so hard losing weight and working out everyday to be what I assumed all photographers wanted. It wasn't until I was requested for a shoot with Jasmin that I realized my true journey.

Jasmin set up a shoot specifically for myself and my other curvy model sister, Marie. I arrive at the shoot and immediately knew this collaboration was going to be something so special. We both immediately appreciated and understood the fact we almost needed each other. Her excitement for representing the curvy woman was so contagious. I was so thankful for her inspiration and knew this was going to be a shoot that meant so much for me and other women.

As we are setting up for the shoot, Megan (HMUA), Jasmin, and I start jamming out to some music, telling our life stories, and really just vibing. I was so comfortable, I almost forgot I still had to shoot. As hair and makeup came to an end, I was getting anxious to shoot.

Prior to Jasmin, I was only used to shooting 'sexy' lingerie. I didn't know much else. As I am in my first outfit, Jasmin immediately says, "Alright, I need smiles, laughing, genuine happiness." Uhhh what? Not sexy? I was almost thrown off. But, I gave it a shot. Game changer. I felt so beautiful! She kept giving me the best feedback and helping me feel like a million bucks.  This girl can really multitask too. Taking photos and using a blow dryer for wind in my hair! It was such a fun shoot. I left the shoot like I was on cloud nine. I couldn't wait for the images.

Not too much later, I got my prints in and my jaw dropped. I was my true size and I had never seen anything more beautiful. Everything changed for me. The way I saw myself, my thinking, and my journey. I immediately knew that the confidence I felt seeing these images is something every woman needs to feel. I knew that from here on out, I wanted to use modeling as a platform for body confidence. Most women who are curvy are so self conscious and so concerned about losing weight. I'm 100% about being healthy and working out, but I have now realized that there is no perfect body. Love and take care of the one you are given. Be confident in what you have and who you are, and you will succeed in life. Beauty is beyond size. We are size sexy!