Bri's boudoir experience | Virginia Boudoir Photographer | Alexandria Virginia Boudoir Photographer


When I had my boudoir and glamour shots taken, I was extremely scared and self conscious. I had a baby about 9 months prior so I still felt like I was carrying extra baby weight in all the wrong places. The day of my shoot, I was so nervous! Walking in to the studio, Jasmin made me feel at ease. While shooting, she reassured me that the pictures had a nice shape, or that she loved my facial expression. Her reassurance made me feel so much more confident that the outcome would be good. Instead of leaving feeling worried or embarrassed, I was excited and anxious to see the pictures! When Jasmin sent me the first sneak peak, I didn't know who it was at first. The woman in the picture was seductive, soft, and so feminine! For a woman who had spent the past year being miserably pregnant and then caring for my newborn, I didn't even know how to tap in to that side of me anymore. It felt good to feel attractive again. And the pictures were still me. They weren't photoshopped to make me perfect but she captured the best angle for my body and the best facial expressions. This is my second time working with Jasmin and each time I have been blown away. I love working with her and I love that she guides me through the photo shoot so the outcome will be amazing. Jasmin is a talented photographer but she also has the wonderful skill of empowering her clients throughout the experience. Jasmin is someone I highly recommend to others!